spotting your wool

Once you get into the thrift store and start looking, after a while you will be able to spot it from a distance. Where are we looking? Blankets and bedding. What are we looking for?

This all depends on what you want it for? I look for mostly good condition point blankets. Point blankets stem from the fur trade era and have lines stitched on them that are about 3-4 inches long and determine the size. The more “points” the larger the blanket.  3 1/2 points is the most common I would say and 6 is giant.

Point blankets are mostly for show but are warm and comfee like your mother womb.  They are worth a decent amount of money and are a great accessory to a mid century themed living room.

Non-point blankets, as I call them, are also awesome but I have too many. They are the same as point blankets but not as showey.

Merino wool is amazing. It is from a breed of sheep that produces a non itchy wool and it usually thinner then your traditional blanket. I usually buy these whenever I see them because they can be handy for projects.

Most blankets will have a small to medium sized tag on them which will usually tell you what it consists of.

I wouldn’t pay much more then 10 bucks for any of these blankets but I’m a cheap arse.

Next up, a test to see if it 100% wool.