fail proof wool test

Bring a lighter!

Head to the blanket section and start plucking the pill build up on the blanket and roll it with your fingers into a mini cigarette. Lite the end and see what happens.

Usually 1 of 2 things will happen.

1) It stays lit and when you blow it out and squeeze the chard tip with your fingers it is a maluble plastic like tip. That shit is acrilyc and is not worth your time.

2) It does not stay lit and it smells like a burnt hair. Also, when you squeeze the chard tip, it turns to dust and falls off. That’s the good stuff.

Now, should you buy? No idea. Can you see yourself telling your significant other that you just purchased another wool blanket for no reason? Didn’t think so. Put it back.

Is this your first one or are you single? Perfect,  let’s take a closer look.

Open it up. And holes? If you try to put your finger through it does it go?  I have noticed that this stuff can rott a little. Be careful. Smell ok? Awesome.