know your performance layers

I have more of these shirts then I can shake a stick at. Hold on, what the heck does that even mean. Quick, Google search.


Unknown. In use since about 1800.

Son a gun google, you let me down.

OK,  so I have a lot of these. Why? Not sure. I like the way they feel on the skin. They keep me cool. They keep we warm. They make me feel skinny and buff even though I’m not.

I usually buy brand name ones when it comes to these. North face, patagonia, mountain  equipment co-op and so on. I look for clean, new looking shirts with none of those material pull in them. Those are common since they are outdoorsy type shirts that snag easily.

Fit. You want these to fit snug and almost tight. These are meant to wick away the sweat from the skin so it is important to have as much of the shirt touching the skin as possible.

Material. 99% are polyester. The rest are mixtures or merino wool. Polyester is good and cheap but starts to smell stale after a little while. Same with any of the synthetic mixtures. Merino wool is awesome. Thin, babies bottom texture and don’t smell, also very rugged and tough. Always look at the tag. Can’t  find it? 80 percent of the tags are inside bottom right hand side. These get cut out a lot so learn your fabric textures.