selling your stash

I purchased my first item the other day that I promised myself to resell. Now don’t get me wrong, I promise myself all the time that I am going to resell an item when I buy it, I just never follow through.

This item was a little different. I had no use for it nor did I know how to use it. It was 3 tester tools for vehicles with carburetors. …. I think. It’s not very important what the item was but that it had a value that was much greater then what I paid. For something that you paid $5 for,  I sold it today for $50 to a gentleman fixing up am 1978 Monte Carlo. 

Now, after I sold it to him he had mentioned that the unit was worth a fair bit more then I was asking for it. Personally I knew this but didn’t feel like holding on the this thing for weeks trying to find a buyer and it was mainly a test to see how easy the process was.