kijiji 101

I’ve been using this site for years and have purchased and sold dozens of items as well as using it for advertising for rental properties.

Kijiji updated their app about 2 or 3 months ago and it was the best damn update one for ask for. Acouple weeks before they did it I was talking to a friend and mentioned my frustration with how bad the app was and stated a few things that would make it perfect. Low and behold everything that came was what I mentioned. It is now amazing.

The saved search function now allows me to make a list of all my daily searches that I do and the notification  function updates me when  a new item is added that matches the search criteria.

To successfully find what you want on kijiji for cheap is to search everyday or multiple times a day depending what section or how specific your searching is. Setup the notification and saved searches to make it easy and convenient. 

When you find it don’t wait till later to act on it. Send a message immediately and depending on the price send them an offer. In the offer, state the price you will pay and when you will pick it up. This is important so that the seller thinks you have a “contract”. If you are the first one to email them, bam, it’s yours.  If the item is way cheap and you really want it, offer them a little more. This way if all the other emails offer to pay the asking price, bam, it’s yours again.

If you’re selling, take good pictures. When you list something, be prepare for offers 10-20% below and be ready to accept them. If you want $50 for something put the price to 60 of 65 obo. Personally, I never message the people selling items with “firm” prices, they annoy the heck out of me. One last sellers tip, do your research. How much are they going for on kijiji? Don’t look at eBay or Amazon.  Look on kijiji and put it in the right section and catagory.