Cast ironing

I have picked up a few pieces of cast iron cookware since I started thriftting. I have a couple skillets and a griddle. Buying these items in a retail store can set you back pretty far. I have not spent more then $5 per piece that I have.

Pick up that pan, does it have the weight of led? That’s cast iron and people love cooking on this stuff. Steak to pizzas to giant cookies. Stove, oven, bbq or fire. It does it all.

Some stores will over price these pans because they know it is expensive stuff but just keep your eye out for the deal. Is there some rust? Don’t worry, you can sand it down and season it. 

Seasoning and refinishing instruction

Use steal wool to take off the surface rust and gets it looks new. Give it a good clesn in soapy water bit just kniw this will be the last time it sees soap. Never again use soap on this since it will obsorb it. Next to want to pre heat the oven to 325 degrees Celsius. Pour some vegetable oil in the center of the pan and rub it in with a cloth or napkin.  Let it sit for a couple minutes while the oven heats up. Put the cast iron pan upside down with a pan or tin foil on the rack underneath to catch any excess oil. Cook it for an hour and let it cool.  It’s seasoned!



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