Thrift store etiquette

I think there are unwritten rules when you are an avid thrift shopper. The only issue is, is that they are unwritten….until now!

Searching through clothes

If you knock off a shirt from the hanger pick it up. If one is about to fall, fix it and if you see one on the ground, pick it up.

These places are usually under staffed and under paid so be nice and clean up after yourself and even others if you have to.

If you start looking through a rack half way through and there is someone that was already there, yield to that person. This is my biggest pet peeve, when I have to go around someone that cut in the rack and is moving towards me.


I usually never try to negotiate a price unless it’s over something like $50 and I think they are crazy on price. Or if I’m at a garage sale, I do it all time. Mainly because items are not priced.


Leave then at home or keep control over them. Don’t let them run around pulling everything off the selves and making a mess. Nothing against kids, more issue with the parents. These employees are not paid to clean up after you. 


Is the item useful anymore? Is a shirt ripped and permanently stained? Throw it out. Don’t make the thrift store throw it out. Do you have a cheap electronic item that hasn’t worked for years? Recycle it unless you think it may be worth fixing for the right person. Use your discretion. We all know how easy it is to give away your junk to the thrift store and let them sort it but it’s just plain rude.

Respecting others

Don’t make rude comments about shopping in thrift stores or about clothing you find. If you’re using thrift stores for fashion and because you want to shop there then you are lucky. A lot of people using these stores is because they have no other choice. Do not make them feel uncomfortable in a store that was designed to help them.