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Cast ironing

I have picked up a few pieces of cast iron cookware since I started thriftting. I have a couple skillets and a griddle. Buying these items in a retail store can set you back pretty far. I have not spent more then $5 per piece that I have. Pick up that pan, does it have the weight of led? That’s… Read more →

Thrift store etiquette

I think there are unwritten rules when you are an avid thrift shopper. The only issue is, is that they are unwritten….until now! Searching through clothes If you knock off a shirt from the hanger pick it up. If one is about to fall, fix it and if you see one on the ground, pick it up. These places are… Read more →

kijiji 101

I’ve been using this site for years and have purchased and sold dozens of items as well as using it for advertising for rental properties. Kijiji updated their app about 2 or 3 months ago and it was the best damn update one for ask for. Acouple weeks before they did it I was talking to a friend and mentioned… Read more →

selling your stash

I purchased my first item the other day that I promised myself to resell. Now don’t get me wrong, I promise myself all the time that I am going to resell an item when I buy it, I just never follow through. This item was a little different. I had no use for it nor did I know how to… Read more →

guide to used camping gear

I have aquire a lot of outdoor gear from thrift stores and kijiji. Full climbing gear kits, tents, sleeping bags, snow shoes etc. For camping gear I usually look for brand names and quality feeling gear. Just because it says northface doesn’t mean it’s good. Actually there is a good chance it is shit so feel it. Check the seems.… Read more →

a suit to suit

People spend so much money on custom suits these days and personally I get it but do not do it myself because of the cost. What I have done a few times is buy a real nice get up from the thrift store. Know your shoulder size or just try it on to see it if kinda fits. Shoulder size… Read more →

fail proof wool test

Bring a lighter! Head to the blanket section and start plucking the pill build up on the blanket and roll it with your fingers into a mini cigarette. Lite the end and see what happens. Usually 1 of 2 things will happen. 1) It stays lit and when you blow it out and squeeze the chard tip with your fingers… Read more →

spotting your wool

Once you get into the thrift store and start looking, after a while you will be able to spot it from a distance. Where are we looking? Blankets and bedding. What are we looking for? This all depends on what you want it for? I look for mostly good condition point blankets. Point blankets stem from the fur trade era… Read more →

wool is the bee’s knees

Man, I talk about wool like it’s the mother of my own non existent children. This stuff is the bees knees. I knew little to nothing about this materiel and just knew it came from goat or sheep or something.  Now, I know a little to much about the stuff.  It’s warm as fire but will not burn, wicks the… Read more →